About Us

Our Story
Founded in July 2020, KAZE is the brainchild of Neville Kotewall. KAZE continuously pursues professional quality and uncompromising style in everyday products. KAZE means wind, and represents the vision that design should be light, cool and dynamic -just like the air we breathe. And offering a breath of fresh air, KAZE is now known for its curated selection of contemporary colours with its modern designs.

KAZE masks are available worldwide at its official online shop (kazeorigins.com) and Hong Kong retailers including Lane Crawford, Kapok, and DFS. These pride-of-Hong Kong designs are also sold worldwide at select retail partners in United States, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore.
KAZE is powered by NCK, a collective of thinkers and achievers passionate about necessary luxuries. We do top-shelf staples, spirits, apparel and publications. And we play a beautiful game involving global sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution. 
Our Business

From the moment we look in the mirror in the morning to when we turn off the lights at night, we interact with hundreds of objects everyday. How many of these function well. But more importantly, how many of these bring us joy.

Over the past two years, KAZE has been tooling in the lab, obsessed with this idea: daily necessities redefined. We start with thoughts that spark wonder, designs that bring comfort, and end up with products that make us brave. Braver to meet whatever the day may bring.

The KAZE Lab is an extension of our mission to breath life to objects and make them cool, light, and dynamic. Just like the air we breathe in.

Please stay tuned. www.thekazelab.com

Tanso means carbon. And under pressure over centuries, from grimy soot comes diamond. Neville Kotewall created Tanso to be the publishing house that brings readers joy and wonder. Tanso books cover a subjects ranging from arts to engineering, but they are chosen to have the timeless element that births precious thoughts. We are starting with SAKE, a book selected for its combination for its mix of sommelier’s manual, travel log, and gorgeous photos. Stay tuned for future releases by visiting www.tansopublishing.com.